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Sofiderm Derm Sub-Skin

Sofiderm Derm Sub-skin is used for body shaping, breast or buttocks enhancement and anti wrinkles of neck, breast, hand such as tempus infraobital region sag, facial asymmetry and HIV-assoicated lipoatrophy. Usually be injected into deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue.

Product Description

Sofderm Subskin 10 ml, 20 ml HA, gęstość 20 mg/ml
Filling specification of Sofiderm HA products authorized by CE is from 0.5ml to 20ml, which is only owned by techderm company in China.

HA content 20 mg/ml
Cross-linked agent BDDE
Particle size(mm) 1,25 – 2,00 (mm)
Dosage 10 ml, 20 ml
Needle size N/A
Molecular weight > 1 200 000 Daltons
Swelling rate 120% – 300%
BDDE residue <2 UG/g
Bacterial Endotoxin <0.5 Eu/mg
Duration(clinical test result) 12 months(uncompleted degradation)
Where to inject Deep dermis or shallow subcutaneous tissue.
Recommend indications Buttocks and hips lift, augmentation, and enlargement; shaping body.

*Certificate: CE0434, ISO13485, ISO9001, SFDA, MSDS, FSC

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